TEZIndia Bounty Tracks

Yes we have grants for every awesome product you BUILD

DeFi | Upto $500

Defy CeFi (Centralized Finance), build for DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Your own use case. Make it, Big!

NFT | Upto $500

Build an application that uses NFTs as collectables. It could be a game or a crypto-heist! You always have the option to explore your creativity and build something unique.

Payments | Upto $500

Develop a way of using Tez as money. It could also involve building tools around Tezos for Payments/Micropayments.

Core R&D | Upto $1000

Research about the Tezos ecosystem and come up with innovation in the improvement proposals. Explore Tezos Agora

Bring more Speed to Tezos | Upto $500

Tezos is Fast. How about making it Furious! Trigger the accelerator and bring more power to Tezos. Build Layers and then Scale it as per choice!

Self Sovereign Identity | Upto $500

Build a self-sovereign identity deployed on the Tezos protocol. It can include wallet management, identity verification with recovery methods.

Web integration | Upto $500

Build tools and hooks to integrate tezos with web seamlessly with a pinch of great UX.

Open Track | Upto $500

Explore more Ideas apart from these mentioned above, this track enables you to show off your innovation for something new!

Special Bounties

We have Special Bounties for best Hacks.


Get rewarded for building your product on Cryptonomic stack.

Tezos Foundation

Get a chance to talk to Tezos Foundation about your project !

TQ Tezos

Get a chance to attend TQuorum Global Summit in NYC organised by TQ Tezos.

TZ Ventures

Get incubation support from TZ Ventures to take your project to the next stage.

Tezos Commons

Bounties powered by Tezos Commons Foundation for building great Tezos Products/Projects.